Chapter 7: - Accounting

In this totally new chapter we discuss the modeling of general ledger information for the data warehouse. We describe the appropriate handling of year-todate facts and multiple fiscal calendars, as well as the notion of consolidated dimensional models that combine data from multiple business processes.


Financial analysis spans a variety of accounting applications, including the general ledger and detailed subledgers for purchasing and accounts payable, invoicing and accounts receivable, and fixed assets. Since we’ve already touched on purchase orders and invoices in this book, we’ll focus on the general ledger in this chapter. General ledgers were one of the first applications to be computerized decades ago, given the need for accurate handling of a company’s financial records. Perhaps some of you are still running your business on a twenty-year-old ledger system. In this chapter we’ll discuss the data collected by the general ledger in terms of both journal entry transactions and snapshots at the close of an accounting period. We’ll also talk about the budgeting process.

Temas tratados en el Capítulo

– Consolidación de tablas de Hechos para combinar métricas de diferentes procesos de negocios

– Snapshot periódico y transaccional

– Tablas de Hechos Múltiples

– Dimensiones Comunes


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